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Dear Customers of Sang-A

Since our establishment, we have been participating in domestic harbor and bridge construction projects, and have accomplished accident-free faithful construction works. The companies have secured the building construction licenses for scaffolding, underwater and steel structure works, etc., and are recognized by their outstanding construction capability in the relevant construction processes covering from substructure foundation of offshore bridge to temporary erection of superstructures. In particular, in case of harbor construction works, the companies have construction records in almost every domestic project.
In addition, the companies have been growing remarkably and continuously in the field of installation of offshore large structures and temporary installation of offshore bridges in addition to construction of plants at home and abroad, and transportation/ installation of special heavy cargoes. Accordingly, it can be said that the companies are running in front than any other company when it comes to technology and accumulated know-how in the field of heavy lifting. In case of the Guide Frame business field, of which the companies have secured the patent right, the companies came to have sufficient prerequisites to achieve low-cost and high efficiency which are more stable and wanted by the clients at the construction sites through the incessant research and development activities. All directors and staff of Sang-A Development Co., Ltd., and Sang-A Industrial Machines Co., Ltd. hereby promise to reward your concerns and encouragements rendered to us by accomplishing accident-free faithful construction works in the future with our uninterrupted research activities and endeavors, together with our humble attitude maintaining the pioneering spirit and the first intention, instead of settle for the present achievements.

Thank you.