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  We are the specialized installation company covering from foundation work of substructures such as lifting and installation of well foundations and PC House up to the temporary superstructure works of the bridges such as Truss and FSLM Girder, FCM, Cross Beam, Bridge Stand, Coping and Slab, etc. for domestic offshore bridges, and confident that we are play a pivotal role in domestic bridge construction projects based on our experience in construction for many years and the technological capabilities accumulated through small and large offshore bridge construction projects such as; the Youngjong Grand Bridge, the Seohae Grand Bridge, Connection Bridge between Wando and Sinjido, the Abhae Gran Bridge, Connection Bridge of Geogeumdo, the Incheon Grand Bridge and the Geoga Grand Bridge, etc.
  The Guide Frames owned and leased by our company are the ones developed as the prefabricated-type Guide Frames for the first time in Korea, applicable to the weight from 350 Ton to 3,600 Ton, of which the experience and know-how of the company in heavy lifting over several decades are concentrated. The company has acquired 15 cases of patents, utility models and registration of designs in connection with the prefabricated-type Guide Frames. These are being utilized at the sites where heavy cargos are transported and installed across the nation and the harbor construction sites such as lifting and temporary installation of Caisson, etc., and recognized as the only prefabricated-type Guide Frame in the world that is providing the accurate lifting point without defect at all in transportation and temporary installation of the heavy cargoes. With the flawless construction through the perfect structural design, the most critical stability in heavy lifting was recognized from each construction sites, and this is the only prefabricated-type Guide Frames that can be safely used at the sites since there is nearly no error in calculating and connecting the exact lifting points between the Guide Frame and the heavy cargoes, which can be said to be the weak point of the prefabricate-type Guide Frames compare with the in-situ tailored-type Guide Frames. (Retaining a number of relevant industrial property rights)
  With our sufficient experience in installation of each type of special heavy weight cargoes such as; installation of temporary bent, mounting of engines and blocks on the large vessels and installation of modules on the offshore gas fields, etc., we can assure safe and accurate construction.